About Our Company

Polaris Sinks is a company which strives to provide innovative design and superior quality in all of our products. Our extensive lines of sinks for the kitchen and bath are created in a wide variety of styles, and in a broad choice of materials. We offer models for vessel, undermount, or topmount installation; with numerous bowl configurations; and in various colors. Polaris is proud to offer styles constructed of stainless steel, porcelain, AstraGranite, copper, glass, bronze, bamboo and natural stone. We confidently back all of our products with a limited lifetime warranty, and endeavor to have our knowledgeable customer service professionals provide a satisfying purchasing experience for everyone.

The Polaris stainless steel sinks are constructed of 304-grade steel while our USA Made sinks are made from 300-series steel. Our stainless steel contains 18% Chromium and 8-10% nickel, making it a rust-proof metal. This grade of stainless steel is very moldable so we are able to create a wide variety of styles. Polaris recognizes the growing popularity of stainless steel in today’s homes, so we are continuously adding new models to this collection.

Equally as popular is the Polaris line of porcelain sinks. These basins are made of true vitreous china, a mixture of clay and other minerals which are triple-glazed and triple-fired at extremely high temperatures. Because Polaris porcelain sinks are so refined, they are extremely durable and very resistant to staining. All of the porcelain sinks in this collection are available in white and bisque tones, with a few models available in black.

In addition to our stainless steel and porcelain collections, Polaris offers extensive lines of sinks made of AstraGranite, a durable granite composite made up of 80% quartzite and 20% acrylic; hand-hammered copper; aged bronze; glistening glass; eco-friendly bamboo; and natural stone. With so many styles in so many materials, Polaris is confident we can fulfill any kitchen or bath need.


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